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Adrenaline Junkies: Tobogganing in Carì

Sledding with kids in Switzerland

The splendid region we call home along the Swiss-Italian border is often justifiably referred to as “Mediterranean” Switzerland. In other words, winters are short and mild and snowfall is generally a rarity. But you needn’t venture too far to get your fix of a good frolic in the snow. We’ve been hearing some buzz about…

Do you move often and live out of a suitcase? Here are five useful tips for YOU!

a person sitting on a bench on a city street

Are you in your 20s or 30s and have already lived in three countries or more? Do you already know where you’ll be heading next? Or, like me, you know another move is in the pipeline, but you don’t know what your next host country is going to be? You might be a student who…



When you think of camping in Switzerland, for many people images of frozen nights, snow-capped mountains, Alpine skiing and harsh mountain climates come to mind. While all of these images wouldn’t be too far off from reality, what mustn’t be overlooked is the fact that there is a tiny little corner of Switzerland whose climate…