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When you think of camping in Switzerland, for many people images of frozen nights, snow-capped mountains, Alpine skiing and harsh mountain climates come to mind. While all of these images wouldn’t be too far off from reality, what mustn’t be overlooked is the fact that there is a tiny little corner of Switzerland whose climate is so favorable that many call it “Mediterranean Switzerland”. Trust me when I tell you that as far as camping destinations go, you can’t do much better than Ticino. Here are 5 reasons why you should take our advice.

  1. Hospitality: Aside from swanky lakeside towns like Lugano and Ascona, Ticino is full of world class campgrounds such as the Campofelice Camping Village. The village is located along the Swiss shores of Lago Maggiore lake (half of the lake is located within Italian territory). Campofelice is the perfect example of impeccable Swiss hospitality. From beach activities to water sports to mini-golf, and even an in-house hairdresser and dentist, once you enter the campground you and your family will pretty much want for nothing.
  2. The Climate: The Ticino summer season runs from the first of April to the 31st of October, thanks to the area’d mild climate and long sunny days. The summer months of July and August often bring temperatures updwards of 30°C by day and 20° by night, whereas the Spring and Autumn bring shorter but warm days and cool nights.
  3. Lakes and Valleys: The two major lakes in Ticino are Lago Lugano and Lago Maggiore, both offering a stunning landscape speckled with colorful laskeside towns and beaches. To enjoy some unbridled nature, look no further than the Lavertezzo, where you can take in the Verzasca Dam immortalized by the Goldeneye James Bond film and have a dip in the frigid waters of the Verzasca River. Take a hike up into the Verzasca Valley and chances are you may never want to go home.
  4. Mangiare: So being in “Italian” Switzerland has many pros (and very few cons if any). The people, the landscapes, and of last but not least the food reflect the warmth of the “Bel Paese” just across the border. Pastas, cheeses, wine, meat, fish and pastries are all part of an extremely varied culinary scene in Ticino. Be sure to try a dish of pasta with Porcini mushrooms, which abound in Ticino certain times of year.
  5. Camping with a Carry-on: If all of the above has you ready to pitch your tent, but then you remember that you don’t HAVE a tent, problem solved. Base Camp Europe has taken the hassle out of camping. The perfect solution for people traveling by train or plane, or families who just want to test the waters before investing in a whole slew of camping gear: simply choose your dates and your campground of choice, and show up with an overnight bag!


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